Everybody has a story to tell.

Mine seems quite average. I'm a twenty-something year old recent elementary education graduate trying to figure out what to do with my life.  Upon graduating I felt those oh so common "post-grad blues" and decided to keep a blog as a place to vent on the trials and tribulations of 'adulthood.'  Last fall I made the move to Spain to be an English teaching assistant in Madrid, brought together my once long distance relationship, and started working on my insatiable wanderlust.

Why Spain?

Spain and I go way back.  My grandmother was a Spanish teacher, fluent in castellano, with a love of travel and, you guessed it, Spain.  I grew up surrounded by its influences and studied the language for six years hoping to one day know, and love, Spain like my grandmother.  However, when she passed away it was too much and I 'tried' (keyword, tried) to erase the memory from my life.  But, Spain was apparently not done with me.  

A few years ago I met and fell in love with a Spaniard and ever since I first stepped off that plane, I've been searching for a way back.  Now I'm playing catch up on my forgotten Spanish and enjoying tapas y vino.

Join me on my adventures!


  1. You should totally write a post on your relationship with a Spaniard. I met the man I'm dating a year ago in Spain, as well. It's so difficult.

    1. You're totally right, it's not all romantic and perfect like movies try to make you think long distance is. It's a lot of time, work, and money; though I think in the end worth it :)