Auxiliares de Conversación

I've been working on this page for a while, trying to compile posts I've written that deal with the government program and life in Spain.  It's definitely a work in progress as I keep preparing for the start of the program and the official move to Spain.  I will try to update it throughout the year as I experience the program first-hand and share what I learn about life in Madrid.

Hopefully some of these posts have been, and will be helpful, for those interested in the program or in the process like I am.  Here's to a great first year to all of us on this new adventure!

The Top Five Things I Miss About Spain
Spainless Summer
November in Sevilla
Carpe Diem (Ode to Robin Williams and my inspiration for all of this)
Barcelona and Gaudí Galore

Auxiliares Program-Teaching Abroad

The Path to Spain: Auxiliares de Conversación
School Placement
Auxiliares-First Orientation Experience
I Survived the First Week
Exhausted in Madrid
And What Exactly DO You Do? A Day in My Life Abroad
Living on a Budget: Auxiliar Style
Where Have I Been?


My Favorite Things in Cantabria
Cantabria in Pictures


Travel Plans Abroad
Goals For my Time in Madrid

Holidays Abroad

Día de Acción de Gracias: Thanksgiving Abroad
Nochebuena, Papa Noel, and a Snowless Christmas
Nochevieja, Celebrating Like a Spaniard
Día de los Reyes and Carnaval, Two Holidays with One Stone

How-To's in Madrid

"How-To's" for Moving to Spain: Advice from the First Year
Renewing your TIE in Madrid


Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Long-Distance Relationships

Long Distance Loving: How We Make it Work
Bridging the Gap in a Long Distance Relationship


Madrid in Pictures
Day Tripping to El Escorial
European Travelers in a Day: Parque Europa

Saying Goodbye

The First Goodbyes
Summertime in Rhode Island
The Things I'll Miss the Most...
Goodbye is the Hardest

Spanish Entertainment

Spanish Television and Why I Love It
My Favorite Spanish Bands

Spanish Visa Process-Boston Consulate

Applying for a Spanish Student Visa Through Boston
Visa in Progress, Flight Purchased, and the Waiting Continues...


Why Teaching?

*Other Teaching Programs in Spain

The Path to Spain: BEDA
The Path to Spain: UCETAM
Teach and Learn Master's (Not considered a hard Master's)
Fulbright ETA (Competitive: 397 applied to Spain for 2013-2014, only 51 were accepted)

*Bonus-Summer Adventures 2012 series (written oh-so-long ago, please excuse my early blogging attempts):
          Summertime Adventures July, Part 1 (Sanfermines, Cantabria)
          Summertime Adventures July, Part 2 (Paris, Cantabria)
          Summertime Adventures August, Part 1 (Asturias)
          Summertime Adventures August, Part 2 (Cantabria)

What would you like to see me address about the program and the move to Madrid?  Feel free to comment with questions you may have!

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