Life After College Resources

Since my blog is about my life post-college, and subsequently titled "Life After College,"  I thought I would amass all of the posts I have written over the past year covering the topic and how I have been dealing with this new life.

Life after college can be scary at first, but it is also very exciting.  I hope these resources have been, or will be, helpful to you as you go out into the world and make your mark.

Good luck wherever your adventures may lead you!


Dealing with Post-Grad Blues

Learning to Love Life After College
That Dreaded Question...
Is Graduation Good?


Budgeting Life After College
Making Sense of Student Loans


Time to Knit
The Addiction of Knitting


Surviving Life After College
Post Graduation: Week One
Graduation: My Thoughts One Year Later
Common Life After College Myths Debunked
My Post-College Expectations Vs. Reality
Carpe Diem (Ode to Robin Williams and my inspiration to make my life extraordinary)


Long Distance Loving: How We Make it Work
Bridging the Gap in a Long Distance Relationship


To Sub or Not to Sub...
Why Teaching?
The Path to Spain: Auxiliares de Conversación
The Path to Spain: BEDA
The Path to Spain: UCETAM


How Can You Afford to Travel
The Travel Bug
My Top Travel Dream Destinations
My Favorite Places in the USA...So Far
The Art of Packing Lightly


WaterFire Providence
Why You Should be a WaterFire Volunteer

What life after college advice or topics would you like to see covered?  Please feel free to comment with topics or questions you would like to see answered!

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